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Some history.....

For those that don't know, ANZAC would have been called SaVage in Battle of the Immortals, however the name was taken.....despite not actually being used. SaVage has been a strong force in 3 games so far, and currently active in 2 (BOI and Atlantica Online). SaVage first started Evony, when the guilds ANZAC and Savage merged to form SaVage. Ever since we have a core team of players that call SaVage their home, and I hope many of you come to experience the kindred spirt we share.

In whatever game we are in the rules are universal and simple.

1. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
2. Contribute to the guild when necessary.
3. This is not a democracy.
4. Guild members > Loot.



Guild News

Expansion Preview: Guardians of Fate!

royalyulsic, Feb 22, 12 8:52 PM.

Get ready for Guardians of Fate! The latest expansion for Battle of Immortals will bring forth the new Summoner class, a reborn Atlantis, a brand new Territory War, and more.


Atlantis fell to a massive invasion, but with help from the Summoners, a new Atlantis was born. Players are tasked to capture the four Guardians of Fate. In a twist of fate, a new threat looms in the horizon once the guardians are captured. Hades has a sinister plan in mind to break the seal of the powerful Chiyu. Players must join forces to defeat and seal away Chiyu once more.


Summoner Class – Summoners, who are well versed in the necromantic aspects of magic, raise demons and spirits of old to do their bidding.

 Guardians – Conquer the Guardians of Fate: Emerald Dragon, White Tiger, Scarlet Phoenix and Obsidian Turtle. Each guardian possesses a unique challenge for any that dares to defy it.

 New Atlantis – After unforseen events, Atlantis is reborn in the ocean. The rebuilt city is back better than ever.

 New Instance – Enter the new Pangaea Catacomb, which has appeared next to the Dragon Emperor's Catacomb. Go toe-to-toe with the mighty Chiyu!

 Cosmos System – Increase your power by gaining new skills and upgrading skills.

 Enhancement System – Fortify, upgrade, and enchant pet gear for better attributes.

 Territory War – Guilds will fight for possession of valuable land. Prepare for all-out war!

Credit: BOI-

New Guild Leader

royalyulsic, Sep 26, 11 10:00 PM.
Hi guys, this is royalYulSic
       I am currently a leader of ANZAC. I hope we have a great time with each other. Thanks for joining ANZAC.

Play and eat well,

New Guild Leader

Julara, Mar 11, 11 6:32 PM.
Due to my 3rd baby and heading back to work fulltime I do not have the necessary time to devote to all those wonderful thigns a guild leader does...such as guild contribution checks. Cheezus has graciously volunteered to take over. I wish everyone well and good luck to Cheezus. I will still see you guys in game tho not every day :D.

Game well,
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